Professional Property Investment Advice

Investment acquisitions are carefully managed instructions through the use of expert knowledge, best practice and skill in the market place, providing a dedicated service to investors.

The Garrington Investment Service offers clients a complete solution when investing in residential or commercial UK property. Investment purchasing carries different motivations from those of home buyers, and requires commitment, experience and skill in finding property that has a high probability of achieving specific and preset investment goals.

Property has long been an attractive component of any investment portfolio, generating both income and capital growth for the investor. Whether this be portfolio creation, portfolio building, one-off investments, stock picking for funds or for any other requirements, Garrington Investment provides tailored investment solutions to meet each client’s objectives.

Garrington recognise that property investment can be a minefield for the unrepresented investor, and in recognition of this, our Property Consultants are experienced in the following areas:

  • Understanding a client’s motivations for purchase, and tailoring the service to deliver the client’s requirements
  • Identifying and sourcing the right investment within the right sector and risk profile
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each property through a SWOT analysis
  • Reflecting this within the conditions of the local property market
  • Knowing what tenants want and what rent they are prepared to pay
  • Understanding when to buy, and more importantly, when not to buy
  • Understanding a property’s absolute and relative values – and the difference between gross and net yield
  • Ability to negotiate the best terms, financial and legal obligations
  • Having an established network of partners for the ongoing strategic and operational management of a portfolio
  • Assisting with referral for surveys etc

The Investment Service covers all aspects of long term asset management, starting with searching for suitable properties, full representation through the negotiation and conveyancing process, preparing properties for rental, reporting on expected annual rental yields through to providing the required information for annual tax returns and, ongoing consultancy on the portfolio.

Garrington recognises that each client’s investment objectives are unique and require a detailed and individualised approach. This is the basis of Garrington’s core business of property search, and the Investment Service carries with it the same fundamental principles of commitment, trust, experience and exclusivity.

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