Additional Services

Garrington offer a complete property solution. Recognising that clients value professional guidance and advice before, during and after a purchase, we have developed a range of services to reflect these needs.

Each of the following services can be utilised in isolation or as part of a complete property search, dependent upon a client’s precise needs.

  • Negotiation & overseeing conveyancing
    • Garrington provide this service in circumstances where a client has sourced a property but requires professional assistance with negotiation. Finding a property is one thing, but ensuring you pay the correct price and hold the deal together through to exchange of contracts can take considerable experience, persistence and dedication to the task.
  • Overseeing sales
    • If you have a property to sell before you proceed to buy, Garrington’s experience can be useful in the appointment and management of the most appropriate estate agent. This service is designed for clients to have a single point of contact throughout both sale and purchase transactions.

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