Category: Property purchase

Articles written by professional property finders focusing on the process of buying a property in the UK with useful tips for making a property purchase.

Buying a smart home

Prestigious homes are now built with meticulously planned systems which allow the owners to have total effortless control over their…

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Buying a distressed property

Buying a property that you can completely renovate to meet your living requirements and personal preferences might appeal greatly. In…

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Leasehold vs Freehold

Whilst most houses are freehold, flats and especially those within period conversions or apartment blocks are usually leasehold. Understanding the…

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Buying a new build property

During your property search it is likely that newly built properties will come up for consideration, many prefer purchasing property…

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Eco-friendly homes

With many homeowners now installing eco features and developers building properties that are increasingly environmentally friendly it’s useful to understand…

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