The role of property finders

Published Oct 15, 2018 – 3 mins read

It may be that you are very focused on the type of property you want and are happy to bide time waiting for the right opportunity to arise.  It’s equally possible that you are very conversant with internet search techniques and have budgeted some time to do a walk-around the local estate agents in the area you are looking at.  So what is the role of property finders and how can they help you?

The answer is simple – to potentially:

  • Reduce your risks of making a mistake, of one sort or another, in property selection;
  • Gain access to properties for sale that will simply never appear on the internet or anywhere else;
  • Apply techniques to secure a property at the best possible price and under the most ideal terms;
  • Avoid the frustration of viewing properties that were very quickly seen to be totally inappropriate;
  • Remove the hassle of managing multiple relationships with lots of different selling agents and other institutions;

These are bold claims.  It’s worth examining them in some detail.

Home buying mistakes

Unless you are a property specialist, there is a reasonable chance that you may not spot issues with the property that a professional would. Saving you time and money pursuing property that will end up being discounted.

Further down the line one you are proceeding to purchase a property you will likely employ the services of specialist surveyors. Reports such as these are often costly and can sometimes be difficult to digest. A property finder’s role is firstly to offer their expert opinion before negotiating a deal on a purchase to avoid paying for such surveys, they might spot something that would make the property unsuitable. Further down the line upon employing the services of surveyors your property finder will be able to break down any findings and take a pragmatic view.

A property finder will also be able to provide advice away from looking at the physical building; considering the outside factors that might affect the future value and any issues that may impact living there such as development of neighbouring buildings that would result in months or even years of noise and even impact the outlook of the property you’re considering.

Off market property

Although it is difficult to substantiate it with hard evidence, property professionals know that many properties are sold without them ever being openly advertised in the marketplace.  As you might expect, that is particularly so when one is speaking of upper-echelon properties.

This introduces the concept of the “property finders’ network”.

Potentially in a given geographic area, there will be a number of professionals who may hear of a property that is about to be marketed and they may be able to bring it to your attention before it is seen by the wider market.  This is the domain of the professional property finder.

There is absolutely no way of emulating this role by internet searches, however flexible you may be in your approach. Some of the best properties for sale might never be seen there.

Negotiating house price

Property finders often play a direct negotiating role in trying to drive down the price of a property.

Hard negotiating is not necessarily an activity that everyone is comfortable with and if you don’t have the time or interest to engage in such, a good property finder can help do so for you. Their knowledge of the market and property prices, along with their relationships with selling agents might also prove to be invaluable in this respect.

Avoid time wasting

Discerning buyers are almost invariably busy people.

As such, wasting time in travelling to a viewing of a property that is fundamentally not to your liking is something you’ll want to avoid.

Property finders can help to eliminate that frustration by conducting a pre screening of all properties and asking pertinent questions of the selling agent and vendor as necessary.  This is something that cannot be done by reading the property brochure alone – however many photographs it might contain. You might consider street view allows you to look at a property’s surrounds but does it also allow you to hear the noise from the nearby busy road or smell the waft from a sewage plant that looked as though it was miles away on the map – a preview conducted by your consultant will ensure every factor is considered before a property is added to the shortlist.

You will then only need to engage in what are effectively pre-curated viewings.

Relationship management

Once estate agents in an area discover that you are in the market for a property, you may find yourself bombarded with calls and propositions.

It can become challenging when trying to organise all these contacts and to decide which you wish to pursue.

Unless you have lots of spare time available, this might be something best delegated to your property finders.

Finding the perfect house

The role of property finders can be summarised quite simply by saying they are there to maximize your chances of finding a property that is suitable for you and with the minimum amount of overhead on your part.

Here at Garrington, we would welcome the chance to discuss our service further and consider how we may be able to assist you going forward.

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