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Property buying advice for City purchases

Looking for the perfect city property is very different from searching in rural areas. Cities certainly present a multitude of opportunities for buyers, but at the same time the vast array of issues that can arise when locating property in large urban areas can be quite daunting.

We deal with a huge diversity of property and legal titles across the UK’s urban centres, including all attributable costs associated with city living.  Clients receive the best possible advice from trusted, professional surveyors and Garrington’s property search consultants guide towards the most appropriate decisions.

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Unrivalled access and local knowledge

Garrington has extensive experience in acquiring a diverse range of the finest properties throughout the UK’s major urban centres such as London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.

For some clients, a preferred area or a specific architectural style could define a search, so prioritising requirements is crucial from the outset.

With extensive buying experience in the property market, coupled with independent advice and unparalleled knowledge of the property market, Garrington provides a complete service to its clients.

Independent and tailored property advice

Using Garrington’s professional representation means you receive independent, commercially sound and objective advice giving clients buying power far in excess of unrepresented individuals.

Before a Garrington consultant commences a property finding service for a client, they ensure they clearly understand their clients search priorities. Whether key requirements relate to travel time to work, peace and quiet, access to good schools or the availability of good pubs and restaurants, consultants use their wealth of local knowledge, together with comprehensive experience of the regional and national property markets to find and secure the ideal property.

Garrington property search consultants have detailed local knowledge and can recommend specialist surveyors to examine any chosen property.

A range of additional services

We also offer a range of comprehensive additional services. From interior design to assisting with removal companies, there is nothing Garrington cannot organise on clients behalf. The aim is to make each clients purchase as easy as possible. Offering a complete service is integral to Garrington’s remit as professional property search consultants throughout the UK.

Alternatively, if a client has found the right property and require someone else to secure it, Garrington can provide a negotiation only service at a reduced fee and oversee the entire process.

Property search services for the Country market

Sourcing and acquiring the finest rural properties demands very specific knowledge and expertise.

A country estate in West Sussex, a cosy Cotswolds cottage, a farm in Devon or a classic beach retreat in Suffolk – all require a unique approach when searching for the best in breed properties.

Whether you are relocating from the city to enjoy the country lifestyle or are moving to another rural property, there can be a plethora of opportunities and key considerations to explore.

Regardless of wider economic and financial conditions, there will always be a market for buyers who decide to move to the country for lifestyle purposes alone, whether they are downsizing to a cottage or looking for their ideal country estate.

Local knowledge and the right advice

Is your move location driven or property driven? For many people, a family’s schooling requirements and preferences may take precedence, or a specific architectural style could define a search, so prioritising your expectations is crucial from the outset. The conveyancing of country properties is quite a different process to that of a city residence. For example; farmland, multiple buildings, rights of way and listed buildings all require a specialised approach.

Planning issues can differ between districts and other issues such as estate management, tenanted properties, staff accommodation, even sporting rights may become key considerations of your purchase. Garrington has the expertise to assist with such issues.

Garrington has unparalleled knowledge of the sub-urban and rural property market and has assisted clients in acquiring a diverse range of country residences throughout the UK.