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For over twenty five years Garrington Property Finders has sourced, negotiated and secured properties on behalf of its clients, acquiring private residences, second homes, or properties for rental or investment, and on many occasions, before the property has even come onto the open market.



Property finding service

The basis of our success is expertise and trust. Garrington’s property finders have unparalleled specialist knowledge of their local property market, an extensive network of professional contacts, and recognise the trust placed in them by their clients.

Completely independent and privately owned, Garrington Property Finders offers objective and wholly impartial advice, whilst also providing clients with complete discretion and anonymity.

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Areas we cover

From a network of regional offices with locally based property search consultants, Garrington Property Finders offers buying agent and home search services across most of the UK. If you would like further information on how we can assist you in a particular area, please click on the relevant link below to take you to one of our regional specific websites, where you can learn more about what we do and how our team of property finders can help you find your next home.

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Your search for a new property begins here…

Every client’s requirement is unique, so in order to have a fuller understanding of exactly what you are seeking, please take a few moments to complete the following details. We will then call you at your preferred time for an initial, without obligation, discussion.

If you prefer to contact us directly or if your query is of a more general nature then please call us on:

020 7099 2773 or email us

    Definitely made our property search much easier especially as the property we did buy didn't even go to market, so a massive thank you

    Dr N - Cambridge

    Our property buying agent proved to be an impressive negotiator with difficult agents and solicitors, and pulled us through the inevitable wobbles in the house-buying process with his calm but clear advice

    Mr & Mrs I - Kent

    They were able to use their impressive local market knowledge to help us identify the perfect house as well as helping with every detail of the move including advice on location, commute and schooling for our children

    Mr PG - South
    garrington reviews

    Your knowledge of the property market and contacts with local estate agents saved us many hours of fruitless viewings by eliminating unsuitable properties

    Mr & Mrs P - Upper Wharfdale

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We use years of market experience and forensic local knowledge to act as expert professional property fnders for private clients and their families.

Services focused on you

Utilising over twenty five years of experience, we offer clients the following services:

Property finder

From city streets to country lanes, Garrington provides a comprehensive property finder service in the UK for buyers. Uniquely placed with a twenty five year track record of success and the widest geographic coverage of any property finder in the UK, we thrive on satisfying even the most challenging client property requirements.

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property finder

Holiday home purchase

With property finders covering from the Scottish Highlands to the tip of Cornwall, Garrington have property experts in all of the UK’s most sought after locations for clients wishing to acquire a holiday home.

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Second Home Purchase

Investment services

The Garrington investment property finder service offers clients a complete end-to-end solution when investing in UK residential property. Our national coverage allows us to match the needs of an individual investor with the right location and correctly aligned property profile.

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investment property

Additional property services

Garrington offer a complete property solution. Recognising that clients value professional guidance and advice before, during and after a purchase, we have developed a range of services to reflect these needs beyond our core property finder service.

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Additional property services
property finder
Second Home Purchase
investment property
Additional property services


What does a property finder do?

Property finders in the UK typically only work with purchasers or tenants, helping them source and acquire a suitable property to buy or rent. They help save time, money and hassle by streamlining the process of finding a property, use expert negotiation skills to achieve a positive outcome for the buyer and oversee the entire transaction through to completion.

How does a property finder save me money?

Every property search will create different outcomes based on market conditions, budgets, types of property and locations, but a property finders overarching goal is always to help save their clients money. This is done most obviously by negotiating the eventual purchase price as low as possible, but is also done in lots of other intangible ways. These include preventing a client wasting time and travel costs viewing unsuitable properties, which a property finder will filter out for their clients. Thorough due diligence on many occasions also helps prevent unwelcome surprises and wasting money on abortive transaction costs.

How are property finders different from estate agents?

In the UK, on most occasions estate agents work exclusively for a seller and protects their best interests. A property finder by contrast works exclusively in a purchaser’s best interests. Unlike many other countries where real estate agents can work for either party, the UK market still has fairly entrenched divisions between the role of acting for either a seller or a buyer.

Estate agents are only able to offer you property details on what they have to sell. A property finder will however provide you with ‘whole of market’ information on all options available, but more often than not, will also share off-market opportunities with their clients, providing a further key advantage over unrepresented buyers.

What sort of clients do you work with?

Garrington works with a broad range of clients, each with their own purchasing ambitions and budgets. They are united in recognising the value of working with a professional expert to assist them with, what for many, will become their biggest single purchase and most valuable asset.

With coverage across the UK, regional budgets vary enormously, but many of the clients Garrington represents will be acquiring a home in the upper quartile of a local market. However, in addition to prime London and country purchases, Garrington also assist with second home purchases, holiday home investments and buy-to-let portfolios at a wide range of prices.

Why would I choose Garrington?

Garrington are one of the longest established firms of property finders in the UK. Many clients may not have ever engaged a property finder or buying agent before, and as such are reassured by working with a company with a long track record of success, national coverage, head office support staff and all the professional accreditations and industry awards associated with being a market leader in this niche sector of the property industry.

As a result, the company has many repeat clients and referrals to their family and friends, whilst also being trusted property partners for clients of some of the best known private banks and wealth advisors in the UK.

What does a property finder do that I can not do myself?

Many purchasers incorrectly assume that a property finder’s service is just about saving time. It will undoubtedly achieve this, but goes way beyond this when done by an established firm such as Garrington. Working in the market every day, places property finders at a distinctive advantage over other buyers, who are unlikely to be moving home regularly. Property finders such as Garrington not only have long-established relationships with sales agents but also have extensive networks of wider contacts, which feeds other off-market opportunities. Not being emotionally attached to a property purchase also ensures Garrington can objectively guide and advise on the most appropriate price negotiation strategy.

In summary, a property finder can accelerate finding a suitable property to move to, provide access to off-market opportunities, negotiate from a more informed perspective, backed by market knowledge, and ensure you are purchasing the perfect property with both clarity and confidence.

What is the process to work with you?

The first step is to get in touch by completing the contact form above or calling us on +44 (0)20 7099 2773.

We always take time to carefully listen to and understand your requirements, to establish how we can best assist you.

Thereafter we can organise a virtual, or in person, meeting with one of our specialist team members – whichever is most convenient for you. During this meeting we can fully explore your property requirements and overlay these with our local property knowledge, interjecting ideas and suggestions on the best strategy to secure the best property.

Bespoke fee terms will then be proposed and terms of business shared for your review and approval. Once formally appointed and we have completed all compliance requirements, we will commence searching for a property on your behalf.