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Whether a client is UK based and looking to purchase a home or property overseas, or is based overseas and looking to purchase in the UK, Garrington can help.

Our bespoke services make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

In addition to our property finding services, we have a network of affiliates throughout Europe and further afield to provide market leading advice and local knowledge.

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Comprehensive search coverage

From a villa in Mallorca or Nice, to an apartment in Manhattan or Monaco, Garrington has the expertise to assist clients in making the best purchasing decisions.

No matter where a property search takes us, we pride ourselves on acquiring the best property at the best price and our reputation continues to grow throughout the international markets.

Garrington also acts for private clients based overseas looking to rent or purchase property in the UK, whether it is a prime residence after an overseas posting, a second home or purely a rental investment.

Buying property in the UK

Overseas buyers are continuing to flock to the UK, attracted by reduced property prices, sustained rental income and favorable foreign exchange rates. Whenever an overseas investor constructs a significant portfolio, it nearly always includes property in the UK. In addition to the economic attractions, there have always been a number of more intangible reasons for overseas investment, one being the historic link the UK has with many countries.


Overcoming challenges

Being based overseas can present certain challenges when buying property in the UK, namely a lack of local market knowledge, lack of time to view potential properties and out of date price statistics. Garrington overcomes all of these issues by providing clients with the very best local representation right through the buying process. We have experience of working with clients from areas including the USA, Russia, India and The Middle East and our advice and knowledge has consistently proved invaluable.

Through our banking and accounting associates, we are also able to provide expert advice on how to finance these transactions in addition to any tax implications that may arise.

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