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garrington asset management

This service was established in answer to the needs of the growing number of investment clients for whom we have acted over the years.

Operated through our sister company Garrington Asset Management, the asset management service is designed to be the best of its kind.

The service allows clients to have one single point of contact to oversee and proactively guide on the creation and management of a successful property portfolio.

Our aim is to exceed expectations and surpass industry norms in terms of our levels of service to both our client and their tenants.

With property investments forming such an intrinsic part of a diversified portfolio, we know how important it is that everything is handled carefully and thoughtfully to maximise returns.

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One relationship - multiple opportunities

Dedicated team

Each client portfolio is looked after by our dedicated team and tenants have direct contact with their allocated property manager throughout their tenancy.

We recognise the burden of trust when managing a client’s assets and each portfolio manager uses their extensive expertise to ensure any tenants questions can be answered and concerns addressed as swiftly as possible.

Portfolio assembly

Irrespective of whether a client is a seasoned investor or wishing to make their first acquisition, our team of experts can help and guide to create a successful and rewarding portfolio.

We offer a no-obligation initial consultation meeting. Thereafter, if engaged we can help formulate the most appropriate investment property portfolio strategy having taken into account the size of available funds, yield expectation, likely ownership horizon, attitude to risk, tenant demand and house prices growth forecasts.

Beyond property management

Whist the effective management of a client’s property is core to our role as Asset Managers our support to clients extends beyond the obvious day to matters.

Our service is designed to dove-tail with any investment acquisition by providing snagging services for new build, plus property improvement and furniture packs as required.

We can also provide updates on market conditions, property values and where appropriate oversee the sale process of strategic disposals should the need arise.

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