Property Finder Service

property finder service

From coast to country, Garrington provides a comprehensive property finder service in the UK to discerning buyers.

Whether a client is seeking their main residence, a second home or building an investment portfolio, Garrington understands that different objectives will lead each property search.

Uniquely placed with a 25 year track record of success and the widest geographic coverage of any property finder in the UK our extensive experience is channelled into satisfying individual requirements in terms of location, price, architecture and internal configuration.

Our team of experts always remain objective, which gives balance to a search.

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Finding you the perfect property

Meeting with one of our UK property finders

The first step is to arrange a meeting with the property finder local to your search area who will be looking after you.

This allows them to learn about your requirements and to discuss in detail how the service works and how it would be aligned with your requirements.

Your dedicated property finder will advise on market conditions and how to maximise what is achievable for your budget within your chosen area or areas.

If it is the case that you are unsure exactly where you would like to buy, the process of deciding on location will begin now with expert guidance from our local experts.

Your dedicated property finder will be your single point of contact throughout.

They will oversee the entire process, liaising with estate agents, solicitors, bankers, surveyors and other professional advisors on your behalf.

Property search brief

Each client has unique and specific requirements.

Our team of experts work closely with their clients to create a focused brief from which they search the market for suitable properties.

Due consideration is given to individual lifestyles and living requirements and advice provided on the most suitable areas, architectural styles and internal room configuration.

It is often the case that during the search amendments to the initial brief are made as priorities can shift and the search area often becomes more focused in the pursuit of the perfect property.

Creating a shortlist

Upon instruction, Garrington scours the entire market thoroughly for suitable opportunities.

We proactively source property which is being openly, as well as quietly, marketed through estate agents, developers, private owners and our extensive network of contacts.

It is this exhaustive approach to searching which frequently gives early, pre-market and often access to off market property.

Garrington has long standing relationships with estate agents who, on many occasions, give priority information on properties because they value the efficiency we bring to the home buying process and know property finders only look after committed purchasers.

Suitable properties are viewed in person by our property finders and their findings reported to the client.

In many instances, a virtual video tour is arranged prior to the client viewing in person.

At this stage, a shortlist of any suitable homes is put together with the suggestion of the client viewing virtually or in person as is appropriate.

Finding the perfect property

Our property finders will accompany clients on all viewings, advising on the negatives as well as the positives of each property.

With changes in priorities or area focus, Garrington leaves no stone unturned finding the perfect property and will only propose a client views in person if the property is suitable.

The process of researching and previewing on the client’s behalf can save considerable time and effort that would often be wasted viewing totally unsuitable homes.

Due diligence

Once a client decides they would like to secure a particular property their property finder will conduct thorough due diligence including items such as

  • Evaluating comparable sales figures of similar nearby properties
  • Review of overall local market data
  • Research the area, considering any nearby local plans that might affect the property
  • Collect information on any questions raised that would affect the price
  • Establish the background to the property sale and the seller’s motivations

Maintaining a pragmatic and objective approach, if appropriate, a property finder might even recommend that the client does not pursue a particular property if something adverse is identified during this process

Property negotiation

Based on the findings of their research, Garrington will outline the most appropriate negotiation strategy aligned to the facts know about the property, the seller and any competing their party interest.

After discussing the proposed negotiation tactics with the client, we will then enter into negotiations with the selling agent or vendor directly, depending on how the property has been sourced.

In instances where the vendor has more than one bid to consider, Garrington’s relationships and reputation can cast influence, and sometimes prove critical, in tipping the balance in our clients’ favour.

Garrington’s core objective is to ensure that every client is entering negotiations as well informed as possible, supported by a strong strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.

Oversee conveyancing

Upon an offer being accepted, Garrington proactively co-ordinates all parties and oversee the entire process on their client’s behalf.

From carefully reading through the surveyor’s report and providing commentary to liaising with any contractors to obtain quotes between exchange and completion – a property finder can assist with a great many tasks and provide expert and objective guidance as needed.

Recommending trusted professionals such as interior designers and removals companies to ensure all bases are covered, a property finder will also consider the finer details of the move, happily collecting the keys, taking utility meter readings and being available to make certain their client is settled.

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