Property Finder – How the service works

A property finder offers the potential to save discerning buyers considerable time and money when searching for a home or investment.

It is also often the case that a professional property finder in the UK can gain early access to properties before they are advertised for sale and also learn of off market opportunities.

Whether you require assurance when buying a long-term home for your family or are building a portfolio and are keen to have an expert on your side sourcing the best opportunities, a property finder’s knowledge and expertise and prove incredibly advantageous in the pursuit of securing the perfect property.

The following information outlines what we do and how the service works – and we hope serves as a useful guide for those considering engaging Garrington for their next property search.

What is a property finder?

What is a property finder?

A property finder is a professional advisor who provides guidance to buyers, finds and secures a property that meets the brief set and assists with the process through to completion of the property.

A seasoned expert in their local market they will be privy to unique opportunities; pre market launch and off market, as well as having the inside line on prices and trends.

Their encyclopaedic knowledge of an area allows them to competently navigate local markets to find a property matching the brief set by a client – this is especially useful when a client is unsure of exactly where they’d like to live.

What a property finder does

What a property finder does

There are a few top reasons that buyers seek the assistance of a property finder:

  • Time – by scouring the market, communicating with all relevant selling agents and previewing properties in advance of proposing a shortlist of suitable opportunities, a property finder will save their client considerable time.
  • Access – due to their industry contacts and credentials Garrington property finders are offered access to properties before they come onto the market and those that are being sold discretely.
  • Money – their experience allows a property finder to expertly negotiate to secure the desired property for the best possible price and under the ideal terms. It is often the case that a property finder’s service is cost-neutral to their client securing a saving from the asking price in excess of their fee.
Buying Agent vs Estate Agent

Buying Agent vs Estate Agent

A property buying agent’s service might be compared to an estate agent’s business but aside from working in the same market, their roles are wildly different.

What a buying agent does:

  • Works exclusively for the buyer
  • Source property for clients
  • Negotiate to secure property for their client at the best possible price and terms

What an estate agent does:

  • Works exclusively for the seller
  • Sell property in their area
  • Advise sellers on negotiations
How representation makes a difference

How representation makes a difference

Unrepresented buyers typically don’t gain access to the exclusive opportunities that a buying agent will be aware of.

  • Demonstrate commitment – knowing that only the most committed of buyers will instruct a professional search consultant selling agents will contact a property finder in advance of their buyer list; represented buyers will regularly gain access to properties pre-market.
  • Off market opportunities – these will come from a variety of sources, not just selling agents, and this is where industry connections really count, especially in certain micro-markets.
  • Stand out from the competition – in many sealed bid situations a Garrington client has been successful, not due to having the highest bid but for being deemed a serious and committed buyer having retained a property finder to act on their behalf.
Where we work

Where we work

The Garrington team conducts searches for private clients across the UK, from Edinburgh to London, Stamford to Tunbridge Wells, Harrogate, Knutsford, Oxford, Bristol, York, Exeter, Guildford and all the locations in between.

From remote places to live to commuter locations that are just 30 minutes from London, exclusive properties in Prime Central London to rural homes for those moving to the country searches driven by proximity to schools and searches specifically for a historic property, we assist buyers with a wide range of requirements.

By nature of what we do our searches will include homes in market towns, seaside towns, villages or hamlets and properties that are secluded, tucked away within their own grounds – and these could be in any region of the UK.

Types of clients we help

Types of clients we help

We’re approached from clients for a variety of reasons. Parents helping their child buy their first home to investors in the hunt for their first buy-to-let, a family seeking a home that is surrounded by countryside yet offers a reasonable occasional commute within an hour of London, to those seeking a trophy property to suit their lifestyle.

Buying a family home, a smallholding, upsizing, downsizing, relocating, building a property portfolio, buying a pied-à-terre in a city, a second property in the country or holiday home on the coast, property with potential for renovation and those that are brand new – our buying agents have experience in all market places and have sourced a multitude of property types.

Our case studies provide further details on the types of client searches we’ve assisted with in the past.

Why Garrington?

Why Garrington?

As one of the longest established and perhaps the original buying agency in the UK, Garrington has a strong market presence that allows their clients buying power that far outweighs that of an unrepresented buyer.

When making what is likely to be one of the largest purchases in your lifetime with vast sums of money involved it’s important to be sure the company you are trusting with your search is professional. Garrington is a member of several professional bodies, registered members of The Property Ombudsman, registered with the HMRC for the supervision of money laundering and pays a few to the ICO for Data Protection Regulations.

Though our coverage is broad and there we have a large team the service delivered is personal, a client has just one point of contact and works together with a specialist in their area but benefits from the support of an established, experienced and efficient team.

Being a buying agent isn’t something that should be taken lightly, each of Garrington’s Regional Partners has been carefully selected to ensure clients receive only the most professional property finding service in the UK.