Investment Property Guildford

Published Nov 6, 2013 – 1 min read

As the UK property market continues to show signs of stabilising, an increasing number of people are looking to purchase investment property. Whilst investors are enjoying the results of a shift in social attitudes towards renting, investment property acquisitions still require careful thought and planning. Rental properties in areas with a large student population can provide a more reliable investment, in terms of offering a constant supply of people looking to rent. Guildford is an example of such an area.

Having assisted numerous clients in finding property in and around Guildford, Katherine Watters, of the Garrington South team, has recently published a blog article in which she explains the benefits of Guildford’s rental property market and the effect that a student population has on an areas investment property market.

To find out more about investment property in Guildford please read the full blog by clicking the following link.

Investment property – Guildford is in demand