Fiona Redford Scotland (Glasgow)

Fiona Redford

Fiona brings to Garrington a wealth of experience from her diverse career in both the finance and property sectors. She began her career in banking, holding various roles within head office environments. Her expertise has extended globally, where she became the branch manager of Seoul’s first English-speaking branch, providing comprehensive banking services to expatriates.

In 2006, Fiona transitioned into the relocation industry while residing in Singapore. Her keen eye for property and dedication to exceptional customer service quickly advanced her career. She has created global success managing a network of real estate agents and internal teams, emphasising the importance of delivering best-in-class standards and a personalised customer experience. This impressive work has continued since returning to the UK in 2016.

Since repatriating to Glasgow, Fiona has pursued her passion for property through personal moves and assisting others with building their property portfolios. She deeply appreciates the unique lifestyle opportunities that Glasgow and its surrounding areas offer.

Outside of her professional life, Fiona enjoys exploring Scotland’s scenic landscapes with her walking boots, embracing the natural beauty of her homeland.

Email Fiona+44 (0) 141 255 2041