The SW One to Watch in 2012

Published Nov 29, 2011 – 1 min read

In Central and Prime London there are few areas that represent and offer good value for money. There are areas that will continue to rise and experience solid and sound capital growth but few, if any, that offer the history, architecture and location of Pimlico. Like Belgravia, it was designed and developed by Thomas Cubitt; hence why many of the houses on Eccleston, Warwick and St. George’s (garden) squares resemble the white stucco front houses of Belgravia.

On average Pimlico fetches £1000 per sq.ft.; compared to neighbouring Belgravia, where it is very normal for prices to be higher than this by 150%. Garrington have represented a cross section of clients looking to buy property in this area, from two bedroom apartments (£400,000-750,000) to large houses (£2.5M-5M). Furthermore there is much interest in the acquisition of pied-à-terre’s (£600,000) in particular in new build developments such as Grosvenor Waterside which enjoys river views and is within walking distance of Sloane Square and Knightsbridge.

The area offers a wide variety of excellent schools such as; Westminster Cathedral Choir School, The Grey Coat and Francis Holland and boasts access to a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants; particularly around Denbigh Street, Churton Street and Wilton Road. Additionally closer to Lower Sloane Street the area has become home to many interior designers, antique shops and art galleries, most notable; Jane Churchill, Joanne Wood, Nicholas Haslam and David Linley.

Thanks to our excellent contacts in the Pimlico area, Garrington has sourced property within all levels of the market and for all types of clients – this has been evident more so now than at any other time, such is the competition and demand for the ‘poor man’s Belgravia’; however we believe that it won’t be considered this much for longer!