Attractive West Country property seeks committed and available buyers!

Published Oct 24, 2012 – 2 mins read

Very much like dating, as a serious and committed house buyer you need something of interest to make you attractive to the Vendor.

Of course the more you have to offer, the more likely you are to secure your dream “completion” date!   Our local expert Property Finder shares how finding that perfect West Country property is like dating.

Being “oh so keen” but having nothing or little to support your interest is a turnoff for vendors and unlikely to get you very far.

To be taken seriously and to secure the West Country property you want at a competitive price requires some groundwork and preparation.

There are currently many opportunities for such proceedable buyers in both Bath and Bristol.

Following a few simple rules will enable West Country property buyers to take advantage of market conditions and to agree favourable terms for purchases, whilst standing out from the many that simply cannot compete.

It may sound obvious that you need to be proceedable to buy property, but so many people commence their property search without the ability to buy.

This may involve a lack of funds or deposit, a house yet to sell or simply not having organised your finance or legal representation.

In the current climate, buyers tend to be more serious and committed with less casual viewings taking place.

However, the sluggish market in the West Country and time taken to raise finance or to have an acceptable offer on the property they are selling, does lead to many people still looking before they can act on finding their dream home.

Present property market conditions provide competitive advantage for those ready to move.

At this time it is critical that you are ready and prepared to move without delay.

Being chain free, having your finances in place or better still being a cash buyer and being prepared to be flexible around completion dates will help you stand out above the crowd and be seen as the preferred buyer.

If you are looking to purchase a West Country property in Bath, Bristol or the surrounding areas, engaging a property finder such as Garrington to act on your behalf adds further credibility to your position, as agents and vendors alike know that we only work for committed buyers who are ready and able to buy.

So avoid being left sitting on the sidelines as you see all the attractive and available houses being snapped up and consider engaging Garrington Property Finders as your “property dating agency”.

We would be very happy to listen to your requirements, provide professional advice and opinion on market conditions in your area and to help you find and secure the most attractive, interesting and available properties out there!!