Bricks and Mortar vs. Stocks and Shares

Published Jun 10, 2015 – 1 min read

With investors confidence in the British economy as a stable outset being restored, the debate on whether to invest in property or stocks has returned. Investment in property in prime central London has proven fruitful over the last decade when compared with the average returns achieved from investing in the stock market.

During this period prime central London property has recorded growth in average capital values of around 150%. When compared with the FTSE 100, which recorded just 40% over the same period, this naturally presents a dilemma to many investors reviewing their options.

Property is valued highly as an asset class, and rightly so as it has built and maintained its own proven track record of success and value over time. Even with the peaks and troughs that the UK property market endures, for those looking at long term investment options property shines through.

Over the past ten years, the level of monthly changes for the FTSE 100 varied by some 21.5%. Meanwhile, in prime central London the range of monthly price changes was just 7%. With less volatility and recognised high levels of growth, residential property in London has proven to be a strong prospect when deciding where to invest money.

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