Home Improvements – 6 Interior trends expected in 2021

Published Dec 9, 2020 – 4 mins read

What are the expected interior trends for 2021?

The new year is fast approaching, a time that usually encourages people to start a fresh and make changes, many often choose to make home improvements.  

We’ve spent more time than ever at home in 2020, a large number have chosen to move house altogether.

For those who are staying put this period might have allowed them to assess their home and decide what they would like to change.

Furthermore, the demands of life for many have changed – more people than ever before are working from home and will continue to do so in 2021 and beyond.

Here we consider the interior trends we’re expecting to see next year and what you can do to emulate these at home.

1. Working from home

The home office is fast becoming a permanent feature of properties in the UK. Where initially a make-shift space would suffice people are now considering more permanent arrangements.

Top tips for creating the perfect home office include:

  • If you don’t already have a dedicated room for use as an office find the quietest corner of the house
  • Declutter your workspace and the surrounding area to avoid distraction
  • Try to position yourself or your desk near to a natural light source
  • Buy additional lighting – whilst natural light is best, especially in the winter months it can be dark when we first sit at our desk in the morning and again in the afternoon
  • Invest in a good office chair
  • Add some greeneryplants have been reported to increase happiness and productivity in an office
  • Accessorise and decorate to make the space energising and inspiring – adding art to an office is proven to boost performance.
Work from home

Increasingly our clients are looking for homes that offer dedicated office space or the ability to create one.

It’s often the case, especially when looking at rural homes, that there’s the possibility to renovate an outbuilding to create a home office.

In more urban settings many properties have very sophisticated garden rooms which are fully insulated studio spaces and offer the perfect solution.

2. Indoor jungles for air quality

We’re all increasingly conscious of the quality of the air we breathe, one sure way to improve the air in your home is to keep houseplants.

2021 is set to see the continuation of bringing the outdoors in, especially since so many are expected to continue working from home.

Indoor Jungle

If you’re worried about keeping the plants alive succulents are perhaps the easiest of the houseplants to look after.

Larger, more leafy plants bring calm to a room and offer a sense of escapism. Whatever your room décor there’s likely an indoor plant that will fit in perfectly.

We’ve seen a real increase in the number of houseplants in homes, those who are less green-fingered are opting for artificial plants and dried flowers such as pampas grass are also featuring in many homes.

3. Multifunctioning spaces

For many, the living room has served not only as a place to watch a movie this year but as a place to work out or as a home office.

Though we’re all expecting to return to a vague normality in the not too distant future, this time has made it clear that more can be made of each space in the home with the use of clever storage solutions and versatile furniture.

Multifunctioning space

Interior designers are including ottoman furniture and fold away desks in smaller homes to make the very most of the available space.

Though this year has definitely seen an increase in the demand for larger properties there’s always an opportunity to improve the functionality of a space.

Clever furniture that has multiple purposes or offers clever storage solutions are increasingly popular.

4. Home organisation matters

The clutter in many homes finally got tackled whilst people stayed indoors more than usual.

Recognising how important home organisation really is was especially highlighted when we spent more time at home than in the office.

A trend that has been gaining momentum and has been compounded by the likes of Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, never before have we been so focused on what’s behind a cupboard door.

Home Organisation

Not limited to compartmentalising storage, colour coordinated closets and bookshelves are often the goal, displaying everything beautifully.  

If you’re considering a home that seems to lack built in storage space, look for areas of the rooms where clever storage could be created.

Library walls have long been popular and make a great feature of a room.

Traditional under stair storage is now being made even more useful with different shaped cupboards and drawers being built into the triangular space.

5. Vintage, upcycled or restored

In steps to be more environmentally friendly, many of us are choosing to purchase furniture from more sustainable sources.

One sure way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy vintage or antique furniture and items that have been restored or upcycled.

Arts & crafts designs and styles are making a comeback many homes have seen panelling installed and original features restored or where necessary replaced with modern imitations.

Bold prints are being used when furniture is reupholstered, or when choosing wallpaper or tiles and handmade items are often being chosen over machine built ones.

The best collections of furniture can often take years to build up so creating this look can be tricky but we’ve seen clients achieve the look with the help of savvy interior designers.

6. Growing your own plants

Houseplants are one thing but many have decided to go one step further and grow their own fruit and vegetables.

More than growing herbs in the kitchen window many are now successfully growing the likes of tomatoes and strawberries on their patio or even on the balcony.

Grow your own

Many have long had a desire to grow their own produce, including those who have a country home with a large garden and space for a significant vegetable patch.

Alternatively, city dwellers can create a very clever micro vegetable patch on the balcony – 2020 has been a year where many have begun to grow vegetables and fruits at home.

In recent years we’ve seen a real uptick in the number of individuals and families looking for more rural homes and even smallholdings.

The lockdown in the first part of the year prompted a huge increase in the number of people looking to move to the country.

When home improvements aren’t enough – find a new place to live

If the time spent at home this year has in fact just led you to believe its time for a significant change our buying agents are on hand to help.

This said it’s rare that a new home is perfectly fit for the new owners use and changes are often necessary.

When looking for a home it can be difficult to see the potential through another person’s belongings and decorations.

A property finder can provide guidance and when necessary will involve professionals and skilled tradespeople to gain an better idea of what is possible when a property is being seriously considered.

To talk to a member of the property finding team about your plans to move.