London lifestyle – a place called home

Published Apr 19, 2013 – 1 min read

The bustling metropolis that is London is defined by its varying districts. Depending on which area of the Capital one finds themselves in, each district will offer a unique London lifestyle complete with its own blend of cultures and residential demographics as well as varying ambiences and entertainment scenes. With such a varied assortment of residential areas, finding the right one can present a sizable challenge.

Having lived and worked across a large number of areas within the Capital, London property search consultant William Le Ny-Clarke, from the Garrington London team, has just released an intriguing article in which he provides an exclusive inside breakdown of some of London’s more popular areas.

This insightful article would be useful for those who are contemplating a move to London and would like to find the most suitable residential area to match their specific lifestyle.

To view a copy of the article, please click on the following link.

London Lifestyle – A Place Called Home