Peaceful places to live in the UK

Published May 17, 2019 – 3 mins read

Are you looking for peaceful places to live in the UK, or a peaceful retreat from your day to day life?

As our lives get busier and we find ourselves in constant communication with the rest of the world it can be necessary to have a place for respite.

Whether you want your main residence to be a place of calm or you’re looking for a second home surrounded by tranquillity for when you want to get away from it all, we have shared a few locations we know to be more peaceful than others.

Peaceful Norfolk

The local government district Broadland area was recorded to have the UK’s best Peace Index score a few years ago, measuring an areas peacefulness based on crime and socio-economic factors associated with peacefulness.

There are many desirable towns and villages located throughout the man-made Norfolk Broads, a National Park with hundreds of miles of navigable lock-free waterways.

Whilst some areas are popular with visitors and can be busy seasonally there are some very quiet areas and many secluded properties which are surrounded by beautiful countryside.

The village of Woodbastwick is one of the quieter villages within the Broads, on the other side of the River Bure the quaint village of Horning is also peaceful.

Whilst both have a good range of amenities and do attract some visitors, their location on the banks of the river and surrounded by countryside makes for a very tranquil setting.

Hampshire tranquillity

The New Forest National Park is best known for its native ponies, the vast heathlands and thick forests.

Whilst there are several tourist hotspots that are known to be seasonally busy there are also some extremely peaceful areas, off the beaten track, where residents enjoy the quiet life surrounded by nature.

In the northern part of the New Forest the small, quiet village of Woodgreen is in an excellent location for residents to be able to enjoy the National Park which is on their doorstep whilst also having easy access to an A road to reach the nearby city of Salisbury.

Sway is a popular village within in the New Forest, located near to the town of Lymington which is on the seafront.

Whilst Sway is popular many of the properties are secluded, set on small country lanes allowing residents to enjoy being within close proximity of the local attractions whilst enjoying tranquillity at home.

Serenity in Sussex

Located within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Ashdown Forest is a tranquil open heathland and thick woodland.

Whilst there are no villages or towns with the forest itself there are some very peaceful places to live on the edges of the area.

Parts of the forest are known to visitors and frequented by those wanting to throw Pooh sticks as Christopher Robin once did, covering such a vast part of the High Weald it’s not too difficult to find secluded property.

They don’t come to the market often but you can find stunning period properties, set within their own grounds offering their owners total seclusion.

The villages of Forest Row and Hartfield both have useful amenities for most needs, whilst East Grinstead isn’t too far for further amenities and there is also a direct train service from East Grinstead to London Victoria which takes around an hour.

Away from Ashdown Forest the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has many sleepy villages that might appeal should you wish to live in a peaceful location whilst being able to commute into London.

Calming Cumbria

Many seek the peace found in the Lake District for respite; the setting, fresh air and sense of seclusion allows visitors to feel completely out of touch with the rest of the world, should they wish to.

Whilst there are some areas of the Lake District that are fairly well known and which see many visitors such as Grassmere, Windermere and Hawkshead there are also lesser known lakes, Loweswater is one such lake.

Off the beaten path, there are few villages or towns nearby and many of the properties stand alone with no neighbours for many miles.

On the whole, even in the most popular areas, the Lake District is relatively calm and peaceful, there are many villages and towns to choose from if you’re seeking a quiet place to live.

Finding a property

There are many other peaceful places to live dotted across the UK, it’s likely that we’ll be able to help you find a home in a quiet location in any region across the country.

Even Greater London has pockets of relative calm.

If you feel that we might be able to help your search for a property and would like to understand more about our property finding services please contact us for a no obligation discussion.