Property Finders: Frequently asked questions

Published Oct 6, 2018 – 4 mins read

As experienced property finders for over two decades, at Garrington we are here to help you find your next home or investment property. Here are some property finder FAQS  to explain a bit more about how our service can benefit you.

Can you guarantee to find me a property to my specification?

Whilst it is not possible to guarantee success, over the last 20 years, in the vast majority of cases, we have secured clients their perfect property.

Before starting our search for your perfect property we take a thorough brief which includes even the smallest of details so that we are sure to fully understand your requirements.

We also understand that throughout the process your requirements might alter which we will take into account and confirm in a revised Search Brief.

Do please remember that certain types of properties in certain parts of the country are in high demand and can sometimes be sold before they are even fully “up for sale” in the marketplace.  Our aim is to of course gain access to these off market properties, however if your requirements are specific and your search is in a popular area it may take us a little longer to source the perfect property.

Is it always possible to drive the asking price down?

In most cases, yes but there are a few points to be realistic about here.

First of all, that answer might not apply in the majority of property sales in Scotland, for example.

The Scottish legal and house selling systems are completely different and operate on what is called an “offers over basis”.  That typically means getting reductions in the asking price is rare and in fact, you are normally expected to offer more than the advertised “OO price” to secure a property.

In England and Wales, the position is typically different.  Many sellers, when setting a price, will expect that some negotiation will take place on the advertised figure.  They may well have built an allowance into their asking price accordingly.

In some cases though, if the property is in high demand, there may be significant competition for it and therefore the scope for reduction will be limited.

How much does a property finder cost?

Much like our scope of service, our fees are bespoke to each client and their individual requirements. Please contact us for more information.

How can a property finder help me?

Whilst changes in the law from 2008-2015 mean that significant negative points about a property that might affect its value or future habitation must be declared in an advertisement. It would be an offence to deliberately and materially misrepresent a property in a brochure.

It is an entirely different thing to saying that you can be sure the brochure will contain every single potentially negative aspect of the property concerned.  This is why the pre-inspection and other investigative services offered by property finders may be essential if you’re to avoid wasting your time on viewings.

As well as saving you time, having a professional expert on hand to provide additional guidance and advice could potentially save you from making a poor purchasing decision and end up losing money in the long run.

Can I make changes to a listed building?

Often our clients seek period properties, many that require improvement to reach an acceptable standard. Whilst historic listed buildings have their perks when it comes to renovations there are more rules in place and a lot depends upon the category of the listing.

Some historic buildings may have relatively minor restrictions and limitations in terms of what can/cannot be done, perhaps only applying to the externals of the property.  Others may be of a category that will severely limit significant structural change inside the property too.

If you are considering buying a listed building it is important to understand the various categories concerned and how they may affect your future plans.

Where renovations are a key factor in a purchase we strongly advise clients to seek input from a local planning or building expert. Whilst we can provide our opinions based on experience, it is always the best course to employ the services of a specialist, in these cases we help our clients find the best places local expert.

Can you help me with letting my investment property?

Yes, we can.

Where appropriate we can assist clients with the letting and management of their investment property.

Becoming a landlord has certain legal, insurance and taxation implications.

If this is you’ve not been a landlord previously keep in mind that it often entails more than simply collecting the monthly rent.  We can advise you as to the best options for your situation.

If you’re considering purchasing a rental property it’s important to do your research in advance.

Can a property finder offer me financial investment advice?

A lot depends here on what you mean by “financial advice”.

A property finder will be able to offer you their professional opinion on the price of a property.  They can also work with you to understand what has happened historically in the same area with similar properties, in price terms.  They will also be able to advise you of anything happening in the area in future that, in their opinion, might positively or negatively affect property values.

Garrington are not in a position to provide advice regarding financing your property purchase and would recommend you seek the help of a registered financial adviser.

Do property finders try to sell properties to their clients?

No, absolutely not!

Where an estate agent acts solely for the seller in a property transaction, a property finder acts only in the interest of their client.

Garrington have no affiliations with any selling agents and it is on this basis that you can be confident that there is no hidden agenda.

Can Garrington property finders help me?

It is unlikely that any two clients will require exactly the same service. Along with our fees our service proposal is bespoke to each individual client.

In order to respond to your needs here, we at Garrington would welcome your contact in order for us to explain our portfolio of services. We can assist you through the whole property finding and buying business, using our years’ of expertise to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Please contact us now to discover more.