Trending Luxury Home Features

Published Jan 4, 2019 – 3 mins read

When we’re looking for impressive properties there are certain features that stand out over the others. Whilst there are a certain amount of necessary elements expected by clients seeking a prestigious property, there are certain additions which elevate a property to stand out over others in the price bracket.

Sophisticated security systems

Getting the basics right is important with security and as a minimum a high quality intruder alarm system which is monitored and has the capability for police response is expected. CCTV throughout the property and it’s grounds are of importance and many like the ability to access the cameras and take control of security elements via a secure app on their smartphone or tablet.

Many properties will also now feature an impenetrable panic room and will likely have several safes and vaults around the property.

Cutting edge technology

Modern homes and older ones that have undergone renovation are now expected to feature the newest technology. New smart home features are created with convenience in mind, whether it’s simply motion sensor lighting, LED touch pad panels for controls or virtual assistants in every room.

Network connected systems, equipment and appliances that can be remotely controlled are popular and of course the more efficient a property is the better.

Super storage

A dressing room is now a firm staple of the home for many, not merely an small extension of the master bedroom. What was formally referred to as the walk in wardrobe is now much, much more. Custom built shelving for shoes, bags, ties and scarfs along with specially designed drawers for jewellery and watches are all commonplace within the dressing rooms of many luxury homes.

Garages are also now more impressive than ever, whether it’s a car turntable making it easy to manoeuvre vehicles in tight spaces or a car stacking system to maximise the number of vehicles that will fit in the space. If you have the need and the space for it there are fully automated systems where you simply drive in get out of the car and then the machine will transport your car into a designated bay within your secure garage – no need for you to have to park your cars and with no ramp for access these systems can be more secure than traditional garages.

Professional kitchen

Kitchens have long been a focal point of the home with more and more gadgets being added over the years. Now the trend is very much for a professional level kitchen. Even for those who never plan to use it, a commercial grade set up is a necessary.

Kitchen designers and appliance creators are always thinking of new impressive items from a fridge that can tell you when food is out of date to ovens that feature warming trays and steam ovens within the same unit as your conventional oven and hob.

Not always a feature in the kitchen – a wine cellar is paramount in most superlative properties, in fact they could be located on any floor and are increasingly referred to as wine rooms.

Outdoor living space

More than ever properties are extending the living space outdoors, whilst in the UK it is wise to have the space covered as a weather precaution, it might be that an entire room has glass panels that can be easily opened.

An outdoor kitchen has become exceptionally popular to include built in barbeques, a smoker grill and in some cases even a wood fired pizza oven.

Alongside the cooking facilities the area must function the same as an indoor entertaining space, to be fitted with speakers, good lighting and comfortable seating.

Property with wellness facilities

With health at the forefront of most people’s minds there is a demand for properties with built in wellness facilities such as a swimming pool and on site spa.

Luxury homes have featured gyms for quite some time now as those who live in such properties would prefer to save time travelling to work out somewhere else by having a gym at home. Whilst the gym can now be filled with state of the art machinery there is also an increasing desire for studio type space.

Places for mindfulness, meditation and yoga are increasingly popular features for those seeking prestigious property.

Luxury modern apartments

When buying an apartment within a building security is expected to be of the highest standard with a 24/7 security guard in situ and many buildings are also beginning to feature a concierge desk. Taking Battersea Power Station in south west London as an example – residents will enjoy a 24 hour Concierge Plus service which promises to provide services such as booking tickets, picking up your laundry and running errands.

New developments are beginning to have more and more hotel features, along with the concierge many expect a spa and pool as standard along with access to a lounge and private meeting rooms for residents to use. A feature also on the rise is a residents bar and social areas such as those features in The Heron in the City of London. The Heron has a 24 hour concierge service, a private residents club, residents only garden terrace, cinema and gym.

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