Best places to live in the UK

Published Jun 29, 2020 – 4 mins read

The lockdown has led to many deciding it is time to move house; it has been widely reported that demand for homes has sharply increased in the wake of the property market reopening in mid-May.

Whether it’s been realised that more space really is necessary or that not having a garden has become unbearable; many have now have decided it’s time to move and are looking for the best places to live in the UK.

Here we highlight some of the location-specific blogs that our team of professional property finders have written.

Relocating to East Anglia – Reasons to move

Exciting career opportunities, exemplary schools and stunning properties – there are a number of reasons why there is a steadily increasing trend for relocating to East Anglia.

Learn about Relocating to East Anglia and the many reasons to move to the region.

Best towns in Norfolk

Whilst there are lots of rural options and villages to consider in Norfolk, the amenities and transport connections available in a town can be more appealing whilst residents are also able to readily access to beautiful Norfolk countryside and coastline.

Read about the Best towns in Norfolk.

Best villages in Suffolk

Villages in Suffolk are amongst the most scenic in the UK; adorned with colourful cottages, set on winding country roads and usually having a cosy village pub and a strong community spirit.

Which are the best villages in Suffolk?

Villages near York

York is a popular place to live and also a popular place to visit for its rich history. Choosing to live in a village outside of York might be preferable; being within close proximity of the amenities and facilities found in the city whilst living in a more peaceful and rural setting.

Our blog on Villages near York highlights places to consider when looking for a home. 

Villages near Harrogate

Harrogate is positioned at the heart of Yorkshire, the cosmopolitan spa town is an incredibly popular place to live in North East England. Unsurprisingly the villages located in the areas surrounding Harrogate are also sought after places to live. We highlight the sought after Villages near Harrogate in our blog.

Best places to live near Newcastle

Living in a city doesn’t always appeal, finding a quiet village home or house in a rural setting that offers easy access into the city might be the answer. We highlight the Best places to live near Newcastle in our blog.

Villages in North West England

Offering a snapshot of the village lifestyle available in each of the counties within North West England, read our blog to learn about the desirable Villages in North West England and why you might want to include them in your search for a new home. 

Best places to live in Hertfordshire – London commuter hubs

There are several impressive locations in Hertfordshire that not only offer short commute times into London, in some cases as short as 20 minutes but also a greater quality of life, good schools, access to the countryside and desirable homes. See our blog for more information about the Best places to live in Hertfordshire – London commuter hubs.

Places to live in Essex: Best commuter towns and villages

The short commute times on offer are just one factor in any buyers list of requirements for a new home – Essex can also offer stunning properties in beautiful settings, a wide range of amenities and excellent schooling options. Read our blog about Places to live in Essex: Best commuter towns and villages.

Best villages in Surrey to move to

This ideally placed county is exceptionally well set with useful hubs throughout offering a range of amenities, leisure and sporting facilities, schools and some of the country’s most exclusive homes.

For those seeking a home in a rural and perhaps more peaceful setting, our blog highlighting the Best villages in Surrey to move to is worth reading.

Best towns in Surrey to move to

Surrey towns each have their own merits as places to live, some are ideal for the daily commute into London others are better suited to those who want to have a range of amenities on their doorstep whilst also being deep in the Surrey countryside.

Read our blog which highlights the Best towns in Surrey to move to.

Best places to live in Oxfordshire – Bicester

Oxfordshire is filled with beautiful places to call home, from houses in the Cotswolds to those in the Chiltern Hills and the many locations in between. The fast-growing yet historic market town of Bicester fulfils many of the requirements set by those moving to the area. Read more in our blog titled Best places to live in Oxfordshire – Bicester.

Dorset property finder – Tips for families relocating to Dorset

Families considering a move to Dorset have an abundance of locations to consider, our vlog highlights the top schools, ideal transport connections and places to look for a home.

If you’re thinking about moving to Dorset read our blog.  

Why Live in Wiltshire?

Rich in history and filled with charm, from the beautiful countryside to the bustling market towns, tranquil villages and excellent transport connections; there are a great many reasons for moving to this county.

We happily highlight the many wonderful reasons to live in Wiltshire in our blog.

Best places to live outside Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s popularity as a place to live is growing each year, with property prices in the city centre rising there is an increasing trend to consider locations outside of the city yet within a commutable distance.

Read about the Best places to live outside Edinburgh.

Moving to Devon – 7 Great places to live

Devon is a wonderful county in the West Country offering both coastal homes and beautiful properties inland that are ideal for those who wish to live an outdoor lifestyle. 

Learn about some of the best places to live in Devon.

Best places to live in Dorset – Beaminster

There are idyllic towns and villages to be found through the length and breadth of Dorset, Beaminster is one such place. Pretty, authentic and filled with honey-stoned properties, there are also excellent amenities and it’s in an ideal location for reaching the Jurassic Coast or larger commercial centres.

Read our blog which highlights why Beaminster is one of the Best places to live in Dorset.

Best places to live in the Wirral

Merseyside’s Paradise Peninsula has long been a popular place to live; offering residents a peaceful, picturesque retreat in the North West region of England that allows for easy commuting to the nearby centres of Liverpool and Manchester.

Read about the Best places to live in the Wirral.

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