Buying a smart home

Published Jun 28, 2019 – 4 mins read

Prestigious homes are now built with meticulously planned systems which allow the owners to have total effortless control over their property, with many smart technologies leading to more energy efficient homes.

But what are the options when buying a smart home?

Technology continues to evolve, with some of the most modern technology including artificial intelligence systems which can run a home, in a few years’ time the technology we are impressed by today will most definitely be old hat.

Home automation

One of the most basic requirements within a luxury home is an automated system. The home automation system will typically be able to control the climate, lighting, entertainment and appliances and in some cases extends to basic security systems.

Usually ran from one central hub the system will connect to user friendly interfaces such as tablets, wall mounted terminals or even mobile phone applications.

Whilst technology is always developing the current level of intelligence in these systems is already impressive. Appliance control within a smart grid can, for example, take advantage of high solar power output in the middle of the day and choose this time to run the washing machine.

Some systems have been built specifically for pets and will monitor their whereabouts within the house and control their access to different areas of the property.

Smart kitchen technology and connected cooking allows users to manage their coffee machine, fridge and oven remotely.

There are a few companies which have garnered a positive reputation in the smart home space including Creston Home Automation.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems can be far more energy efficient, systems such as Lutron allow you to use the right amount of light for the room, using dimmers as part of a smart system. The same company also create shading solutions which can help optimise the natural lighting in the home and reduce heating or cooling costs.

Home sound systems

The top sound systems can now be integrated into every room in the house, whether you want the same music played throughout your property or individual sounds in each room. The sound systems are usually installed as part of a larger home automation system meaning it can usually be controlled from the same user interface.

Sonos sound systems have long been regarded as one of the best, the combination of multiroom and streaming functionality allows you to have excellent quality sound in every room, all controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

Home cinemas

Home cinema systems have seen advancements in technology, certain systems allow you to choose the film on an app whilst you’re out and have it ready to play on the screen when you return home. The picture and sound quality available in home cinemas is now equal to that of the very best cinemas.

Kaleidescape are renowned for their impressive cinema systems, bringing home owners the ability to play movies from their system with pristine audio and video quality including 4K Ultra HD. Their players and servers which can be integrated with modern AV control systems to create a real cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

Home security systems

From intelligent security lighting and cameras to automated door and window locks, home security has evolved to provide home owners with the ability to completely remotely control their property.

The mainstream market has seen high technology security become more accessible with systems such as the Ring doorbell which connects with a residents smartphone to let them know someone is at the door via video link.

Extending beyond the front door, it is now reasonably easy to set up security cameras throughout your home which can all be monitored via smartphone or tablet applications.

As well as cameras, some smart security system include sirens, motion detectors, door locks and even sensors that can detect when a door or window has been opened. Most security companies recommend installing deterrence devices such as a siren and security lighting as a front line defence for your home, if you’re considering buying a smart home security package perhaps find one that has those functionalities.

The appeal of smart home security over traditional burglar alarms is the ability to quickly monitor your property via an application rather than paying an external party, its also usually possible to install smart home technology yourself – although if you’re not super tech savvy it might be worth paying an expert to ensure it’s done correctly for your home to be secure.

Smart Technology

Whilst you can now fully automate your home to create an entirely smart space, many would prefer to simply install certain smaller elements.

How much smart technology you wish to have in your home is up to you, it might be that you simply want a smart thermostat which allows you to remotely control your heating.

From security cameras to surround sound there are many items available – we recommend conducting thorough research and if you’re unsure you can employ the services of a smart home installation company to do it all for you.

Considerations when planning to install smart technology

Smart technology relies heavily on WiFi, it’s wise to ensure you have a strong network throughout your home. Find any spots that it’s difficult to connect to the WiFi from and install technology to fix it to ensure you can make the most of smart devices throughout your property. It might be that a mesh WiFi system, such as the one sold by Linksys, might be the best solution for your home. If you’re planning to use one, a smart home installation company or home automation installer would be able to advice of the best solution for your property.

Buying a smart home

If you are looking for a property to buy and feel that a professional property finder might be able to assist with your search for a smart home please contact us for a no obligation discussion regarding your property requirements and our services.