Leaving London for the coast

Published Jan 21, 2021 – 4 mins read

A significant number of people have relocated over the past 12 months, the lure of pastures new leading many to up sticks moving to the country or leaving London for the coast.

In particular, people have chosen to leave London for the coast, not just buyers but renters too with one survey finding that two thirds of London renters were considering leaving the capital for the coast.

Increasingly buyers are leaving London in pursuit of larger homes, a garden, access to nature and a better quality of life generally.  

A home by the coast often comes with all these features together with all the benefits of living by the sea from opening your windows and hearing waves to the quality of air which is often better in coastal locations.  

Reasons for leaving London

For many a move out of London will not be a knee-jerk reaction to lockdown but a plan that had been made loosely and for many reasons 2020 is the year that triggered action to be taken.  

  • Working from home: Having a home in London might have been necessary when there was a requirement to travel into central London on a daily basis. Many companies have announced that it’s unlikely they’ll ever return to the office structure that was in place prior to the pandemic and so home movers have been able to make decisions with confidence.
  • Larger property: It’s unsurprising that there are usually larger homes available away from the cities and this is one of the top reasons for moving to the coast or country.
  • Access to green spaces: Much more than just your local park, when you live in the countryside there will be green spaces surrounding your home and access to footpaths ideal for walking, in some areas, there are also scenic cycling routes and bridle paths for those with horses.
  • Ability to be active: Pounding the streets for a jog is quickly replaced by country lanes, fields with a right of way, the beach or coastal path making it much more appealing to go for a run. A home in the country or on the coast might also have more space for a gym.
  • Peace and quiet: When you live in the city the loudness of life can become a constant white noise, though some noises and the proximity to neighbours can make the peace and quiet available when you leave London extremely appealing.
  • Community: Some Londoners are fortunate to have close relationships with their neighbours but there are many who can feel isolated despite many others living so close by.

Whatever the reason or reasons for leaving London they’ve likely been a bother for some time, the realisation that it is possible to live on the coast without it affecting a career has spurred many to make the move.

Reasons for leaving London

Possible commute

If it is likely that you will need to infrequently reach London for work purposes its sensible to find somewhere to live where the commute is manageable on the occasions you have to do it.

Though you might initially think that once a week you can deal with a 30 minute drive followed by a 80 minute train that can become a very arduous journey.

Consider what is a realistic commute should you have to do it more frequently. There are many locations that are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or even a 60 minute commute from London to look for a home.

Importantly, if you’re planning on working from home – be sure to check the internet speed before committing to a purchase.

Possible commute

Nearby schools

Locations that are typically holiday hotspots might not have enough year round residents to have their own schools so it might be that the nearest school is in a neighbouring village or nearby town.

Though all parents will carefully consider the nearest schools before making a move it can be particularly important to do so when you don’t know the location of the commute time.

If you’re leaving London because you no longer need to commute into an office daily you might be quite upset when you end up having sit in a car for an extended period of time to drop your children to the nearest school.

Nearby schools

High season

Though we are an island and have a considerable coastline, most locations along the coast are attractive to holidaymakers meaning you need to consider what a location is like during the typical holiday seasons and how it might feel when a place is significantly quieter in low season.

This said, increasingly people are taking staycations year round.

The cold weather no longer off-putting as holidaymakers seek respite from their normal urban surroundings, a winter beach walk with a cosy pub lunch at the end appealing to many.

High season

Why move to the coast?

Those who have made the move will have an endless list of reasons why they love living by the coast.

  • Quality of air: The sea breeze is known to improve air quality.
  • The sea: Whether it’s the sound, the sight or the ability to easily be able to dip your toes in the sea, living right next to it allows you to easily enjoy the sea.  
  • Exercise: The views available to enjoy whilst taking a run or working out when you live on the coast can be breath-taking and far more inspiring than an urban setting.
  • The views: Drawing back your curtains and looking out to sea each day will likely never be an unwelcome sight. Not just the sea though, the coastline, a beach, a pier, lighthouse – there are many other features of a coast that make the view.  
  • Fresh seafood: It’s likely, living on the coast, that you’ll have more ready access to fresh seafood or alternatively a good fish and chip shop if that’s your preference.
  • London will still be there: A move to the coast isn’t a move to the other side of the world, when you want to visit you can.
Why move to the coast?

Leaving London for the coast with a professional property finder’s help

As property finders with many years, experience Garrington has assisted many clients moving home, a large proportion has been those relocating to the coast, leaving London behind for a home by the sea.

With area specialists covering each part of the UK and the many miles of coastline, we have experts who can assist with searches across the country.

Whether you’re looking for a main home or to buy a home on the coast and downsize in London we would be delighted to assist.

Tell Garrington about your plans to leave London and search for home on the coast.