Luxury properties – What defines a ‘special’ home? 12 features you can expect to find

Published Nov 25, 2020 – 6 mins read

The term ‘luxury properties’ is a phrase that’s used a lot to describe homes for sale.

But what does it really mean?

What is it about a house that makes it extra special, ‘best in class’ to justify you paying a higher price?

Certainly, the more luxury a home offers, the more expensive it will be to buy.

Luxury properties will have different features that appeal to different people.

There are many extras a house can offer which makes it stand out from the rest.

Here are some of them:

1. Picture perfect

Homes that have the wow factor on approach are all the more impressive.

The exterior of luxury homes is often picture perfect, as though it could be featured in a magazine at any moment.

How a house looks in its setting is incredibly important and the most luxurious homes will often occupy an idyllic situation.

For example, it might be built to be perfectly symmetrical or be overlooking a lake or palatial gardens.

This instant appeal puts a house in the top class in terms of luxury.

A luxurious house will look so good from the outside, you want to own it and live there almost as soon as you arrive for the first time.

That feeling will be evoked each time you go home.

Picture perfect

2. Location, location, location

It’s a cliché but a house that’s at the top of its game, superior to others, will be in a desirable location.

It will occupy a setting that might be exclusive, away from other homes.

If it’s in a town or city, it will be in an exclusive area. This will be because of neighbouring houses as well as the kinds of amenities close by and commuter links.

It might be in driving distance of a top school.

If it’s in the countryside, it will be in a picturesque situation.

If it’s coastal, it will be in walking distance of a good beach.

Where a house is located really can increase its worth and make it stand out from the ordinary.

3. Rooms with a view

Its location will also dictate its views.

You can expect to pay much more for a house with a beautiful, uninterrupted vista.

Think of looking out to the sea in a coastal retreat,  green fields in the country or looking over a beautiful village.

Agents will tell you it’s hard to put a price on a view.

But a property with gorgeous views from its windows will be deemed very special. 

To have a picture postcard view which is not spoilt in any way by any other buildings or landscape is indeed a real luxury.

Rooms with a view

4. Space

Luxury homes are typically more spacious.

Whether it’s a very large galleried landing area, a palatial hallway or extra ceiling height.

Houses built with extra square footage that isn’t providing a particular use gives you that added luxury feel.

If you’re buying a period house with lots of extra space, it was probably built as a status symbol, possibly for someone of note.

So, this feeling of luxury, of grandeur, that you are living in a place that was created for someone special, of course makes it feel luxurious.

Building costs money and land is scarce, so if you buy a new house where a developer has added in lots of additional, empty space, you know it’s at the top end of the market.

5. More than a home

A luxury house will offer a lot more than basic home functionality.

As well as extra space, it will have features more akin to a first-class hotel.

It might, for example, offer a cinema room or lavish en suites to all the bedrooms, not just the master.

It might have extra features you don’t get in a standard home, like an annexe or orangery.

Outside it will likely have gardens and grounds as well as extensive garaging and features such as a tennis court.

Anything that gives you something you don’t need but which enhances your life is a luxury because it simply makes living there better or easier.

More than a home

6. Top technology

A house that offers the latest technological features makes it a luxury because these are expensive to add and raises the standard of the home you are buying.

Such features can range from rooms fitted with electrically operated blinds to self-cleaning glass to smart home technology.

A smart home does the work for you and can include heating operated remotely so your house can be warm for when you get home.

Mood lighting, creating a different ambience depending which room you are in, is another such feature.

Also, a house wired for sound, so you can play music in different rooms, again remotely, are luxurious extras which you wouldn’t get in a standard house for sale.

All-important security systems are increasingly sophisticated and often connected to the tech installed throughout the house.

7. Interiors

Though it is often the case when a high end home changes hands for the interior to have a total overhaul, the luxury features of an interior will set it apart from others.

The kitchen will be of professional standard yet be will boast beautifully made units and extra special features designed to make using the kitchen easier.

Sophisticated built in appliances and features such as an interchangeable tap which gives you boiling water as well as chilled, filtered and sparkling are increasingly popular features of any kitchen in a luxury home.  

Away from the kitchen, features that are expected include walk in wardrobes, opulent bathrooms and in-house leisure facilities.

8. In-house leisure facilities

Extra luxuries come in the form of facilities most people have to pay handsomely for to enjoy such as a fully equipped gym or a swimming pool, sauna or hot tub.

Or, another luxury is a games room big enough for a full-size snooker or pool table.

These extras mean you can unwind at the end of a long day or exercise before work without having to leave home.

Having these luxuries can be essential if you’re short on time in your working day or would prefer the privacy at home.

9. A sunny disposition

Something often forgotten when looking to buy a house is where the sun rises and falls.

It’s a real luxury to have a property which has been designed with this in mind, both inside and out.

You might want a bedroom that faces east, to get the morning sun, a south-facing garden but perhaps a west-facing terrace from where you can watch the sun go down.

If you’re planning on having barbeques, you want a patio area to be sheltered, out of the wind. A house with these kinds of features is luxurious because so many properties don’t take such factors into account.

10. Pet friendly

If you have pets, a house that accommodates their needs too is the ultimate in luxury.

And we’re not talking about a kitchen door that’s fitted with a cat flap.

A boot room or utility with a shower for muddy pets, as well as a separate one for humans, is an added bonus and counts as a luxury.

Luxury homes often come with grounds or acreage which is perfectly suited to keeping larger animals such as horses and ponies.

Other homes might be well suited for running a smallholding, the ambition to grow your own produce or at least grow organically on your land is one that’s growing.

Pet friendly

11. A bedroom fit for a super king

Real luxury can be found in a large main bedroom, with an equally large en suite.

You need room for a super king size bed and still have space to move either side and will often include technology giving you the ability to watch a movie in bed.

A copper tub or slipper bath just adds that extra special touch and if it’s positioned with the best view, really is a luxury. You’re going to feel that you’re in the best hotel every time you have a soak.

A walk in wardrobe is also an absolute necessity for a glamourous luxury home, with ample space and storage to beautifully arrange and showcase clothes and accessories.

12. Working from home comforts

This has evolved into more of an essential than a luxury in 2020.  

A house with enough space for an office or maybe two separate offices is desirable.

A study needs to be large enough for a big desk and in a quiet part of the house, near to windows for light and ventilation but not too close to avoid the greenhouse effect when it’s hot and sunny.

But the most important consideration here is a good internet connection and across all spaces.

Finding a special home

So, luxury properties offer so much more than standard homes and will often come with a higher price-tag.

Living in a luxury property means it works for you as an individual, with features that simply make life better and easier.

Finding a luxury home

At Garrington Property Finders, we completely understand what makes a luxury house.

We can help you find a property with all the luxurious features you require.

Simply contact us for us to help you in your search.